Budapest Property Rental

How does it work?

Step 1
Good quality photography / videography

The photos are essential in the first impression. I take wide-angle pictures of your property showing every corner to be clear enough for the potential client.


For bigger properties I do a marketing video which helps clients to get a different vision from your property.

Step 2
Getting nessesary information

I collect all the necessary information. Information is the key.

Step 3
Price evaluation / estimation

Pricing is not easy, specially when it comes to sales. With my 15 years of experience I evaluate any property within a day.

Step 4
Mass advertising the Property

Real estate marketing in not a profession but an art. Thanks to my numerous channel in social media (Facebook, Instagram) as well as being on the first and second page of google, I guarantee a fast result for your property.

Step 5
Property viewing

Viewing is the last impact as it’s the only time we go from online to office with the client. They get to see the agent and the flat. As I always say, clients buy the agent first, then the property, meaning that the more trustworthy the agent, the easier for the client to make a decision.

Step 6
Client evaluation

It is vital to have a contract which is clear and lawful for both parties. We have a sample done by our lawyers.

Step 7
Helping the landlord to make ready a proper rental contract

Contract saves both parties. Thankfully we have a very strong contract which we can help you with that.

Step 8
Full inventory list in paper format and pictues

At the time of moving in the client, we make a full inventory check list. This prevents confusions in the future.

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